PVRTexLib Linux 64 bit ETC2_A8 corruption

The news is very upsetting.

I’ve just tried using the latest version of PVRTEXLIB on Linux 64 bit, and this version also generates corrupt ETC2_A8 images.
Perhaps this is the same issue as here:

Hello Greg,

Could you please specify the encoding parameters you are choosing and a test image?



I’m using following code:

int w=1024, h=512; CPVRTextureHeader header(PVRStandard8PixelType.PixelTypeID, h, w); CPVRTexture texture(header, data); if(Transcode(texture, ePVRTPF_ETC2_RGBA, ePVRTVarTypeUnsignedByteNorm, ePVRTCSpacelRGB, eETCFastPerceptual, false))

And the attached image.

This issue happens only on Linux 64.
I have tested Win 32/64 and Mac 64 and there it’s okay.

On Linux sometimes I get pure garbage as output, while sometimes the image looks okay, but turns out it was repositioned up by several pixels.