PVRTexTool CL and -yflip

It appears that the -yflip1 argument isn’t working in the windows version of PVRTexTool. Am I using it wrong or is something broken?

My usage:

PVRTexTool.exe -foglpvrtc4 -i"input.tga" -o"test.pvr" -yflip1

Version Info:

PVRTexTool Version 3.20

SDK Build:

PVRTC Version

Hi Hitch,

What is it you’re trying to do with yflip? As stated in the manual, yflip only changes the data order, not the order that it appears when viewing the file in a texture viewer. This is to do with OpenGL having a different standard axis alignment (bottom to top as opposed to DirectX having top to bottom).

If that’s what you’re using it for, and you’re having problems with this, if you could send some test files (the input and output) to DevTech@imgtec.com I’ll be happy to take a look at them.



I didn’t realize the texture viewer would show them the same. I also didn’t realize that -yflip1 is the default behavior, at least on Windows. Using -yflip0 actually gives me what I want (texture coordinates in OpenGL that match what we use in DirectX.)

Thanks for the quick reply!