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PVRTexTool CL broken on OSX?



I’ve been trying for hours to get the command line version of PVRTexTool on Mac OSX to actually do what the documentation promises it to do, but to no avail. Some options (like format, output file etc.) are interpreted, others are just completely ignored.

This looks like a valid command to me:

PVRTexTool -fOGLPVRTC4 -pvrtciterations8 -yflip1 -lFFFFFF -border -itmp_512.tga

But there is no yflip in the resulting image, no “bleed” either. I haven’t checked out if the “border” option is working, but it’s probably not.

I check the resulting file in the “GUI” (if you dare to call X11 a GUI environment) version of PVRTexTool and in my OpenGL app (on iOS (PVRTC) and MacOSX).

I’ve tried uppercase/lowercase variants, but it just won’t do. I was most interested in the “bleed” option, but unfortunately now I have to write it myself and feed PVRTexTool a seperate alpha. Fingers crossed that PVRTexTool will use my seperately supplied alpha image…


Hi zmippie,


Sorry for the delay in replying, we've all been off over the christmas period. I've had a look at the command line version and actually this is a problem across all OSs, so thank you very much for reporting it. I've now fixed the bleeding and yflip - bordering appears to be working as it should be as well as alpha loading so there shouldn't be any problems here.


These fixes will be available in our next SDK release which we are aiming to have around the end of next month. If you would like these fixes more urgently, if you send an email to we should be able to get you a pre release version with the incorporated fixes.


If you do find any more problems please don't hesitate to contact us.






Hey Tobias, yes I figured around christmas isn’t the best time to report issues, but thanks for getting back to me. I’m glad to hear it was not my incompetence that caused all those options to fail.

I’ve written my own bleed function now, which, in all modesty, I think is better than the one provided by PVRTexTool. It’s awkward to have to specify a color where a simple test for 100 transparency would suffice (if you ever looked at the way Photoshop saves out the 100% transparent areas of an image, you understand that “just a single color” value won’t do).


Hi zmippie,

Yes our bleed function has been around for a long time and nobody has really touched it since its creation. A full-transparency test would be a good idea and it shouldn't be too hard to implement, so when I get a chance (should be pre-next release) I'll set about adding it.


Thanks for your feedback!