PVRTexTool CL problem with -border


Hoping I can bother you with a problem I’m having.

I normally use these arguments to process our textures:

pvrtextool.exe -fOGLPVRTC2 -border -iinfile.png -ooutfile.pvr

But it no longer seems to be working with the latest version of the textool.

Our input textures (which are giant sprites) are 1008x1016 and after the processing end up being 1024x1024 with the border properly generated.

With the new tool I get the following error:

"An error occurred in PVRTexTool: Could not process:

Could not process texture"

I tried using the -square argument, however that scales the texture up, which is not what we require.

Processing the border in the GUI tex tool still seems to work properly, but I really need the CL version to work as we are processing a large amount of textures.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Dan Leyden
Technical Manager

Hi Dan,

I had a look and this is a combination of two minor bugs which I’ve now fixed for the next release.

The first bug you can work around - it was resizing the texture before adding the border, and trying to be clever it was subtracting the border width/height from the size beforehand. The net result was that the input and output width/height are identical. This was a bug and I’ve now fixed it.

The other bug is that the border is not correctly choosing a width of 8 when compressing to PVRTC 2bpp, instead opting for the PVRTC 4bpp version - width 4.

I’ve been told by our lead PVRTC engineer that we may be overshooting with an 8x4 border anyway, so you should be able to work around the problems suitably by making the input texture sized 1024x1024 for now.

The next release should be available in about a month and a half - if you’d like I can provide an engineering drop with the fix though if you send an email to DevTech@imgtec.com.