PVRTexTool Library can't compile

Win 10, PowerVR SDK 2019_R2, vs 2017.

PVRTextureDefines.h line 42
#include “PVRTTexture.h”

PVRTextureHeader.h line 17
#include “PVRTMap.h”

Couldn’t find those two file.

I have the same issue.
I installed all PoverVR Tools and the Native SDK from the web installer of SDK v2019_R2 (PowerVRSDKSetup-2019_R2.exe)

The file
(as well as a few other files) has
#include “PVRTMap.h” in line 17

A file by that name is not available anywhere in the c:\Imagination dir.
Likewise PVRTTexture.h is also included but nowhere to be found.

What am I doing wrong?

I tested the offline installer of 2019_R2 - same issue.

I tried the old 2019_R1.1 and it works fine!
The PVRTMap.h and PVRTTexture.h files exist in the Include dir.

I’m going with R1.1 for now - but consider this a bug report on 2019_R2


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have identified the issue and this bug will be resolved in our upcoming 20.1 release.

Kind Regards,