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PVRTexToolCLI outputs no type information for r4g4b4a4 KTX files



When using PVRTexToolCLI to output r4g4b4a4 KTX files, it does not write the type fields in the KTX file header, instead only zeroes.

When doing the equivalent thing in PVRTexToolGUI, it outputs the correct type information.

Example usage:
PVRTexToolCLI -i example.png -o example.ktx -f r4g4b4a4
(example.png is a 512x512 32-bit file)

Resulting header results from PVRTexToolCLI:
glType = 0
glTypeSize = 0
glFormat = 0
glInternalFormat = 0
glBaseInternalFormat = 0

The other header data is correct.

Resulting header from PVRTexToolGUI:
glType = 0x8033
glTypeSize = 2
glFormat = 0x1908
glInternalFormat = 0x8056
glBaseInternalFormat = 0x1908

If using for example -f r8g8b8a8 or -f ETC2_RGBA the data is also correct.

I was unable to find information that this was not supported.

I get the same result on both Windows and Mac versions of PVRTexToolCLI.

I’m using the latest (just downloaded yesterday) version of the SDK.