PVRTune: what's the bottleneck here?


My application gets a really low fps (20~30) on ONDA V989.

There’re long "Render Idle"s (8~10ms) and high “Shader processing load”, what do these mean?

PVRTune file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4-rYCpieIiQTjZBdWwzbkR0dXM/view?usp=sharing

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Hi tracyma,
In PVRTune GUI Tool, if you select a counter then you can found an explanation in Counter Properties window.
[attachment file=“test1.png”]
According to your pvrtune file.
You can ignore the view column for “Shader processing load”, the value is more than 100% should be a error.(maybe cause by the recording library on device mismatch with the PVRTune GUI Tool)
But you can select one frame to analyze. You can find the Processing load: vertex / pixel is very low and the Render active and the Tiler active is a little bit high, so there is a bandwidth bottleneck here. And also the Texturing load is very high. So I recommend you to check if you use the compress texture format.
For the Idle in render and tiler blocks. I recommend you to enable API software counters, then you can find maybe you do too much work in you render thread rather than just call render API.
You can find more information about how to profile an application in our blog https://www.imgtec.com/blog/powervr


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