PVRVFrame - bug - ES2 - glDetachShader

A new bug was introduced in PVRVFrame 2.10@812485 (OGLES-2.0Windows_x86_32libGLESv2.dll)...
Detaching a FRAGMENT shader generates an access violation.

Code to reproduce the issue:GLuint fsh = glCreateShader(GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER); // err=GL_NO_ERROR GLuint program = glCreateProgram(); // err=GL_NO_ERROR glAttachShader(program, fsh); // err=GL_NO_ERROR glDetachShader(program, fsh); // access violation in libGLESv2.dll !!!
Attaching/detaching a VERTEX shader seems to work fine.

GLuint&nbsp;fsh&nbsp;= glCreateShader(GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER);&nbsp;<span style="color:green;">//&nbsp;err=GL_NO_ERROR</span><br /> GLuint&nbsp;program&nbsp;= glCreateProgram();&nbsp;<span style="color:green;">//&nbsp;err=GL_NO_ERROR</span><br /> glAttachShader(program,&nbsp;fsh);&nbsp;<span style="color:green;">//&nbsp;err=GL_NO_ERROR</span><br /> glDetachShader(program,&nbsp;fsh);&nbsp;<span style="color: green;">//&nbsp;access&nbsp;violation&nbsp;in&nbsp;libGLESv2.dll&nbsp;!!!<br></span>
Attaching/detaching a VERTEX shader seems to work fine.

Thanks for all your bug reports diafera. This one in particular is quite nasty. I’ll try to get an update pushed out for next week.

What's the current status of this issue?
I seem to still be seeing it in OGLES2_WINDOWS_X86EMULATION_REL_2.10@863987.
- Richard
RagTagDev2012-07-03 12:05:52

Hi Richard,

Sorry for going quiet. We haven’t pushed an update to the website, but if you email devtech@imgtec.com, we can send you an engineering drop with a fix.

Our 3.0 SDK release should make it to the website in a month or so, and this will include the fix.


Hi Joe,
Thanks for the update.
I'm happy to wait a month, just wanted to make sure the issue wasn't anything to do with my code.
- Richard