PVRVFrame - bug - ES2 - glGetIntegerv

Using PVRVFrame, OpenGL ES 2.0, on Windows (libGLESv2.dll)…
Each of the following two calls generates a crash (access violation in libGLESv2.dll):


    GLint colorReadFormat = 0;
    glGetIntegerv(GL_IMPLEMENTATION_COLOR_READ_FORMAT, &colorReadFormat); // access violation in libGLESv2.dll !!!

    GLint colorReadType = 0;
    glGetIntegerv(GL_IMPLEMENTATION_COLOR_READ_TYPE, &colorReadType); // access violation in libGLESv2.dll !!!

The bug was not present in PVRVFrame 2.8.*

Hi diafera,

Thank you for your bug report! I’ve submitted a bug into our internal bug tracker for this and your other reports (BRN34824).