Question on Ray Tracer Demo

Hi, I saw your ray tracing demo on your YT channel and have a question:
Why don’t you release a ray tracing demo with similar content(apartment, city, street) like the guys from the CUDA based renderer “Brigade”?
I think if you could show a comparable demo
(“Brigade 3.0 preview - Real-time path tracing” and
"Brigade 3 Real-time path traced Street View")
without the noise that would be very impressive and show everybody how much faster your ray tracer is over those running on a NVIDIA GPU.

Thank You.

Hi pet3r,

I can’t share the specific details at this time, but we will be showing new content at the Games Developer Conference in March and will be announcing various research projects throughout the year. We are considering a number of ways to compare our solution to well-known alternatives (ray tracers and rasterization techniques) - your feedback will be taken into account.