RE: GX6650 driver for Guest Linux

Specification: -
Hardware Platform :- Renesas R-Car H3e
Hypervisor Host Operating System:- QNX710
Hypervisor Guest Operating System:- SMP Debian 5.10.158-2 (2022-12-13) aarch64 GNU/Linux
GPU Device:- PowerVR GX6650

We are developing GPU virtualisation in Renesas R-car H3 which uses PowerVR GX6650.
We want to access GPU from hypervisor Linux guest. Can you provide Which version of GPU driver use for Hypervisor Linux guest ?


I have to reckon that I do not understand your question very well. You should be able to access the GPU through the 3d graphic APIs drivers that are present in your Linux guest. You cannot access the GPU drivers in the hypervisor on any other way. If you want to work directly on the hypervisor, you will need to talk to Renesas because, I believe, it requires a different type of license.
We do not own the drivers released by our customers so, for version numbers, etc., you will need to reach Renesas as well.

Best regards.