Render movie files(etc mpeg) as texture

I would like to render a movie on a cube or any polygon. Is there any way to do that? If so, please tell me some instructions to do it.

Thank you


Currently it is not possible to stream the output from a video decoder directly into a texture to be used by a 3D scene. This require the implementation of extensions to the OGLES API and the proper communication between the devices in the platform. We are working with some of our customers to provide this functionality to developers but it is not available yet.

I know that some developers have implemented this functionality by hand, uploading a texture every frame with the content of the movie. This will be not very optimal for performance, but it might be enough for your purposes.



I need a mechanism where in I can render movie on top of surfaces as textures. Please help if there is anything available. At present I have to decode frame by frame and apply that as texture on the surface.

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Amit Sahrawat

Hi Amit,

So far I do not know of any implementation available to 3rd party developers.




If there is no way to do this, why have you released the demo OGLESWindowEPG.avi that does just this - with multiple video sources. If this demo is not currently possible to implement with SGX then you should really remove it.

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The demo has been implemented on SGX by POWERVR engineers at Imagination. Unfortunately, the mechanism required to implement a similar demo is not currently available to other 3rd party developers that we’re aware of - i.e. people outside of Imagination and its customers.

As this demonstrates an ability of our graphics cores and has been run internally it seems appopriate to have it on our website, but this issue is part of the reason that we don’t freely distribute source code for this particular demo and that it’s not part of the SDK.