Decoded videp and OpenGL ES


Can anybody please give me any idea how we can pass decoded video data/buffer to OpenGL ES via GFX aware application ?

Also I want to know that as OpenGL ES does not take user input directly nor it works in window operation as it is bassicaly low level APIs so we use GLUT or PowerShell. So does this means that the input to be given to opengles has to be directly passed to GLUT or PowerShell to be passed to OpenGL ES.

Open GL ES is proved to be extremely good for 3D games but do you know what can it do the video data which is already decoded ?

Please kindly help, a bit of information is also highly appeciated.

At the moment there is no dedicated way to do this in the OpenGL ES APIs, however there may be platform-specific extensions for this purpose. I believe there is some discussion in Khronos (the group that administers OpenGL ES) about providing some solution from within the API, but nothing has been decided yet.

The only way to display this kind of content at the moment is to upload the video frames as textures each render. This is typically not very efficient.

Thanks Gordon but it could be very helpful if you could explain more elaborately.

The platform specific options aren’t something I can go into on this forum. If you want information like this you’ll need to email us ( as you were doing previously and depending on NDAs between our companies etc. we could answer your questions more freely this way.

The generic solution that I mention simply involves taking the video frame data and uploading it to GL (or D3D etc.) in exactly the same way as you would upload any other texture.

Thanks I got it.

Without knowing more about the particular platform you are working with I can’t offer any other methods than the generic update and upload a texture each frame solution mentioned above. It may be more worth your while to contact your platform provider concerning this issue.