Screen dependency ???


I am working with the openGL 1.X SDK on a Linux environement on the Board OMAP3 EVM from TI.

Up to now I manage to run and compile  the examples from the tutorial like OGLES Hello Triangle. I was using the LCD screen of the OMAP3 EVM, with 640480 screen size.

And for me the next step would be to drive this demo on the DVI output, on a 1280
720 screen. Normally I would say there will be no problem because the PVRshell allow us to specify the Width and Higth in the console, -width= and -heigth= ,
But then I run ./OGLESHelloTriangle I have a segmentation Fault. And it is the same with all the others Demo from the Trainnig.
If I do next a echo $? I got 139

THX for help

In this case the OMAP3 is running under a null windowing system so the resolutions available are extremely limited and are set by the drivers. Our PVRShell cannot set the resolution in this case. We can’t reproduce the segmentation fault you’re getting, however.

It may be possible to achieve what you want, but you’ll need to contact TI concerning this issue. If you don’t have a contact with them then we can provide you with one.