SDK 3.5 emulator reports incorrect GL_VERSION (that of the underlying OpenGL)

The SDK 3.5 emulator (on Windows 10 at least) returns the GL_VERSION of the underlying OpenGL desktop. In my case, running on Intel HD 5500 graphics with an OpenGL 4.3 driver, queries on GL_VERSION and related parameters return a major version of 4, minor version of 3 and a context profile with GL_CONTEXT_COMPATIBILITY_PROFILE_BIT set. My application had requested an OpenGL ES 3.0 context from EGL.

This misled my application which, as a result, attempted to load a legacy sized format LUMINANCE8 texture only for the emulator to return GL_INVALID_OPERATION.

Is there a proper bug tracking system where this kind of issue can be reported?

Hi Mark,

Can you share the entire GL_VERSION string from your machine?

[blockquote]Is there a proper bug tracking system where this kind of issue can be reported?[/blockquote]
At this time, we only have an internal bug tracker. However, I’d be happy to share the bug report number from this system with you once we’ve reproduced the issue and filed it.

The version string when requesting a 3.0 context (i.e. from libGLESv2.dll) is
[pre]“3.0(Host : 4.3.0 - Build”[/pre]

GetIntegerv for MAJOR_VERSION returns 4 and MINOR_VERSION returns 3.

The OpenGL ES 3.0 spec says
The VERSION string is laid out as follows:
“OpenGL ES N.M vendor-specific information”

So you’re missing the “OpenGL ES” and the space after the minor version, as well as returning the wrong values for MAJOR_VERSION and MINOR_VERSION.

When requesting a 1.1 context (i.e. from libGLES_CM.dll) the version string is
[pre]“1.1(Host : 4.3.0 - Build”[/pre]

MAJOR_VERSION & MINOR_VERSION return 4 & 3 as before but no error is raised. These queries are not valid in OpenGL ES versions < 3.0 and should cause an INVALID_ENUM error to be raised.

Please inform me of the bug report number.

The issue has been fixed in the upcoming 4.0 SDK release.

  • BRN56454: PVRVFrame: emulated glGetInteger(GL_MINOR_VERSION/GL_MAJOR_VERSION) return incorrect value
  • BRN55737: PVRVFrame: GL_RENDERER string returned by the emulator isn’t spec conformant

Great. Thanks. Approximately when do you expect to release 4.0?

It should be released within the next week or so.