SDK Lincensing Questions

Hi, I have a question regarding the software licensing included with the SDK. I understand that the SDK allows me to distribute the included software. Does that mean if I create a game which links with the Imgtec OpenGL ES emulator, I can legally sell my game with the required Imgtec DLL files bundled?

The legal notice file in the SDK also mentions that reverse engineering is verboten - which is fine by me. However, I’m also using other libraries covered under LGPL. I was wondering if anyone knows whether the EULA for Imgtec libraries conflicts with LGPL? I have read LGPL terms and conditions as well, but it seems a bit vague.

Basically I’m intending to dynamically link with both libs, the one provided by Imgtec and another that is LGPL. On their own, both libs are independent of each other; their only connection is my program. My program will make allowances for reverse engineering in order to satisfy the use of LGPL libs.Tachikoma2010-12-11 11:30:48

Redistribution of VFrame and any other utilities or libraries in the SDK is legal, even in paid commercial products, but a reference to the source of the material (i.e. website link to the download page and recognition that the utility or library was created by Imagination Technologies) should be clearly labelled so that your customers are aware of their origin.

As far as the possible LGPL conflict goes, I’m unsure of this. I’ll try to find out for you though.

VFrame is not under any form of GPL licence, so you should be OK redistributing the binaries with your LGPL. I was unaware that LGPL allows reverse engineering though…

If you think this is likely to be an issue that prevents you distributing VFrame with your code, an alternative would be to inform users where they can go to download the VFrame libraries, if they wish to use those instead of the LGPL library you mentioned. This has the additional benefit of encouraging users to plug in the most up to date VFrame libraries, with any bug fixes or additional functionality we’ve put into our latest releases :slight_smile: