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SDK on gma 3100


Hey guys i’m trying to run the sdk demos on my intel gma 3100 and the applications are crashing after startup, i’ve copied the dll files into the app’s folders, and they startup, freeze, then crash.

am i missing some files or folders that need to be in place? is there some sort of documentation on how to get these to run out of the box so i can see if my computer can emulate es 2.0, or is my gpu uncapable of such a task?



Unfortunetly our emulation opengl es 2.0 require that your graphics card support desktop OpenGL 2.0 atleast. GMA3100 seems to support OpenGL 1.5 so it is not enough to have our OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK working on your platform. In our SDK package you can find user manual in following location: UtilitiesPVRVFrameDocumentation . Section: 5.8 Hardware requirements provides some further details on that topic


jacekc2010-04-19 10:12:18