Install PowerVR for noob

Hi Everyone.

Seriously, I am in trouble and stuck with OGLES2.0 since couple weeks before.

I am totally new to powervr sdk. Here is the big problem for me and getting haywired figuring it out…just for me as a newbie.   

I am now working on OpenGL ES 2.0 using Android NDK for Android apps using Eclipse

(my development machine is WinXP).

Definitely, the apps cannot run on Android SDK emulator (the Android Virtual Device) because

it does not support OGLES2.0 unless I run on the real device.

Thus, I have been suggessted to use PowerVR SDK.

I have downloaded the PC emulation for Windows.

I have read through the guide, but, it just too general for me…curse me, i know im noob…

Can someone point to me, how is it exactly to install the powervr sdk? then, how can I run my OpenGLES2.0 apps on the PowerVR SDK (i have no idea whether POwerVR should be that way or just a compiler or else)?

please…i really appreciate some helps…