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Self conformance test?




I installed SDK for Open GL/ES 2.0.  Is there any method to test all APIs if they are running correctly?  Of course, I know that SDK passed the comformance test by the Khronos group.

However, for example, Print3D() method does not work correctly on my linux PC.


I would like to know if there is any testing codes or data sheet which shows the coverage of APIs.


Thanks a lot.



There is no reference implementation for OpenGL ES so there is no way to check the conformance of software and as implementations and platforms differ there are likely to be issues on one platform that do not appear on another.

The software in our SDK is valid OpenGL ES 2.0 code, as far as we know. It gets tested with our own conformant hardware and with our PC emulation which is run over various 3rd party implementations. If the software doesn’t function as expected then:

- there is a bug in the code that we may be unaware of.

- if running under emulation, there may be a problem with the emulator.

- there is a problem with the platform, whether in the drivers or the hardware itself.

Obviously, we carry out a lot of testing on platforms using our own hardware. It’s impossible for us to test on every other platform available, however.

The PC Emulation environment that we provide runs on top of the OpenGL implementation available on the host platform. We try to test it with as many desktop setups as possible, but we can’t cover every hardware/software combination and some cards or drivers do not always work. Often the underlying graphics card is missing a GL feature required by the emulation and so it can’t run, for instance. We do try to keep a list of known configurations that work or don’t, but as the emulation library is continually updated we don’t make this public.

If you tell us what your setup is (see other thread) we can check if there is a known issue, though and try to help.