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SGX 544 with hardware geometry instancing


SGX 544 supports directx 9.0.

Thus, it might support hardware geometry instancing.

Can we use this feature under linux platform?


Although the hardware can support DX9, Linux support is limited by the features exposed in OpenGL/OpenGL ES drivers. It’s up to the platform provider to decide if they will just implement the core OpenGL/OpenGL ES features, or if they will spend the resources implementing and testing extensions that expose additional functionality.




Imagination pushes the boundary for existing PowerVR Series5XT (SGX) GPUs with new extended API features.

How to find the detail extended api list?
Perhaps there is the hardware geometry instancing.


Unfortunately, instancing is not exposed in our new Series5XT OpenGL ES 2.0 drivers.

The press release covers the main features that have been added to the new drivers.