SGX 5XT 544 API support


I have some question about the SGX 544 api support.

Does SGX 544 support pvr2d api?

Can pvr2d cooperate with OpenGL ES 2.0 app for 2D gui?

In SGX roadmap for linux, we see SGX driver 1.9 support OpenGL 2.1.

Does SGX 544 support OpenGL 2.1 and glDrawElementsInstancedEXT() in OpenGL?



Hi He-Jie,

Yes. SGX 544 supports PVR2D. However, if you want to render a UI over an app that is rendering a scene in OpenGL ES 2.0, I would recommend using OpenGL ES 2.0 for the UI as well.

Using an single graphics API and a single graphics context will result in better performance. Reasons for this include; the GPU can sync the renders more efficiently, both components will render directly into the same framebuffer and, depending on how much opaque fragment work there is in your UI, Hidden Surface Removal may be able to optimize the fragment workload.