SGX without OS

Hi all,

I'm new to SGX. I already read that there are no
detailed HW specifications of SGX available.

Can I use a precompiled SGX library without an operating system like Linux or Windows?
I would like to do that for the OMAP3530.
Is there any possibility to work without Linux or Windows ??



jeromert2009-11-23 17:05:24

I don’t really understand what you mean - there needs to be a host operating system of some sort for the rest of the SoC that the SGX is part of. You could write your own OS that could be compatible with a version of the SGX drivers, conceivably, but this would be very difficult and time consuming.

Why do you not want an OS?


I would like to use TNKernel, which is a small hard real time OS.

It would be of interest to write an interface, which makes one of the existing SGX drivers compatible to my system. The project is still in the planning phase, so in case that it’s too difficult, I could also change to Linux.
But on the other hand, TNKernel is the used OS in my company and it also has its advantages.

Do you think this is possible ?
If yes, where can I find good documentation for that?



jeromert2009-11-24 11:00:09

I believe that a project like this would be very difficult and not something we can really support, unfortunately. There is a small kernel module of our Linux drivers which is under GPL, but it is as minimal as possible (for various reasons) and not really useful for your project. In general, this kind of task is only really possible through a customer licence agreement. A customer has a platform/device and they licence reference drivers from us in order to develop compatibility.

I suspect that pursuing your project under Linux may be the best course.