SGX540 performance

I’ve got an application that is running on an SGX540 board, but is running fairly slow (10-15Hz). I’m used to programming graphics for PCs, so I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I was hoping the performance would be better than this. Oddly, it seems as if its roughly the same whether I’m running the full application or just rendering a single vehicle. Is there any sort of performance guidelines for this hardware to make sure I’m not doing something that is taking me off of the fast path?

Hi Deep,

Have you tried profiling the device? You can use PVRTune to check where your bottlenecks are if it’s enabled on your platform: You should then be able to see where the heaviest load is on your device (could be CPU, could be one of a number of GPU parts), and work out from there where the problem lies.

Mobile platforms operate on a whole different level to what you’d get on a desktop, considering that mobile parts typically draw no more than a few watts of power, compared to a few hundred watts for some desktop parts. Getting an fps of 10-15 is fairly slow though - it’s worth reading our documentation and seeing how you can improve the situation.

We have performance guidelines as part of our documentation here: - "PowerVR Performance Recommendations"

It’s also worth looking at the SGX Architecture Guide whilst you’re there as well, which gives you some insight into the differences between desktop and mobile GPUs.