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SGX544 support on TI-RTOS



We are using TI TDA2x SoC with SGX544 integrated. The OS running on TDA2x is TI-RTOS (former SYS/BIOS). We would like to utilize SGX544 on TI-RTOS so we contacted TI as suggested in the post below.

Unfortunately TI does not have SGX544 drivers/binaries on TI-RTOS and TI has no plan to support it.

We have no choice but develop the drivers/binaries on our own. It looks like we need to license DDK first. If so, could you point the steps or provide a contact window so we can get more detail information. Thanks!



Thank you for contacting us.
I think you can use our contact us form here:
Let me know if that worked. If not I’ll have to chase someone for you internally.