Smartphones GPU sizes?

Hello,I have MotoDefy phone and i want to change the gpu PowerVR SGX 530  for some thign more powerful.

which Imagination PowerVR SGX are in the same size as SGX 530? 

and can i buy the GPU from Imagination directly or no?

Will appreciate any help with that issue,


Daniel S. 

SGX cores in phones are integrated into the chips that run them - i.e. the GPU takes up a portion of the silicon area of the chip. So changing this for another core is impossible without changing the whole chip and most of the other guts of the phone that would need to be compatible with any new chip that you put in. Sourcing another chip would also be very difficult. Imagination can’t supply you with this.

If, somehow, all the things I described could be achieved they would cost many times the price of buying a new phone.

Thank you for your answer. 

I understand now much better the design of your chip. 

which is very greedy.  samsung and TI are using different technologies to integrate the chip on their semiconductors  .  besides it they install the RAM above on the chip. 

Do you know of any forum which can give me more information about semiconductors on phones?  

i have access for high class equipment in company for board design so i only need the semiconductor data sheets (hopefully the cpu board is apart of the mother board)                and a supplier which can sell me the semiconductor .. and its very hard to find one... 

Ps. you really need to start to use sockets  

VoLtrex312012-01-04 22:19:47

Both Samsung and TI use a system called ‘System on Chip’.

In regards to the information you require, might I suggest you begin with Wiki: System on Chip.


Bob Gardner - PVR Developer Technology

hy Gordon MacLachlan i se that you ar a PowerVR Developer,

a have a question:

if the next version of the SDKs implement GLES1.1(MBX version) for PVREngine and also if the demos use this new engine(PVREngine for GLES an GLES2).

if possible can give me a relise date.