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Intel's US15W SCH with SGX 535 core



I’ve just work with a Kontron’s hardware platform with Intel’s Atom Z520 and US15WPT SCH. Intel did not provided their US15W datasheet with GPU registers layout.

My operating system is neiver Win, no Linux, and I have to develop own graphics software for this hardware.

As I know, the core of GPU have been licensed by Intel from Imagination Technologies.

Well, can I obtain the SGX535 datasheet here?

z3akycb2012-02-25 12:27:39


Information such as that which you are asking for with regard to PowerVR cores is confidential and only available to licencees. The costs of licences are usually prohibitively large for those who aren’t SoC manufacturers and modern graphics accelerators are very complicated systems that are not trivial to write drivers for. It may be easier to consider adopting one of the OSs that Intel support on this product.