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system does not support display interrupts..


I am working on “SGX_DDK_Linux_REL_1.9.RC2@2139099_ogles1_ogles2_source_um” & "SGX_DDK_Linux_REL_1.9.RC2@2139099_source_km"

our aim is to verify above SDK for SGX core present on Beaglebone. And we are booting beaglebone with ubuntu-12.10 & building above SDK natively. We are able to build & load the driver from nohw_linux platform with very little debugging. And able to run basic unit-test for EX : sgx_init_test, sgx_clip_blit_test. But when we are trying to run sgx_render_flip_test, am getting strange response. Am unable to trace the reason , below is the error.

1:- ./sgx_render_flip_test

This system does not support display interrupts, so a non-zero swap (flip) interval is not supported.

Consider using a zero swap interval using the option -si 0

2:- ./sgx_render_flip_test -si 0

Swap Interval: 0

This system does not support interrupts, so the Event Object not supported.

Consider disabling the Event Object using the option -neo

3:- ./sgx_render_flip_test -si 0 -neo

Swap Interval: 0

Event Object: DISABLED


Frame number 0

Frame number 100

Frame number 200

Frame number 300

Frame number 400

Frame number 500

Frame number 600

Frame number 700

Frame number 800

Frame number 900

Total time: 1883ms

Mean time per frame: 1883us

Is that am missing something here..?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Hi Prakash,

We (DevTech) cannot support questions related to configuring and building the graphics driver. These queries must go through the platform provider (TI, in this case) or - if you are a DDK licensee - through our IP Gear customer support system.

If you want to know how to access this support system, please email