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PVR_K:(Error): SGXCleanupRequest: Wait for uKernel


Hello developers,

I am experiencing a PVR Crash when trying to reboot an OMAP3 based system.

The crash starts with

PVR_K:(Error): SGXCleanupRequest: Wait for uKernel

and followed by HWRecoveryResetSGX: SGX Hardware Recovery triggered’

I am using DDK version 1.8

I see that there was a bug created as BRN38475 on this by Joe.

Can you point me to any patch or a DDK release where this bug has been fixed?



Hi Arun,

A binary to reproduce the issue was never sent to us. Because of this, the bug was marked as No Intention to Fix in 2013. If you can share a binary with us that reproduces the problem, I can share it with the driver team. The SGX driver is no longer actively developed though. so I’m not sure if/when a fix would be implemented.

Also, we cannot provide patches or new driver binaries for our customer’s platforms. The source of our reference DDK is only released to PowerVR DDK licencees. If you are a licensee, you should request driver support through the Partner Portal system.