Tangent space generation failed!



I want to use normalmap for my model, so i need tangent data in my .pod file.


but pvrgeopod will tell me "tangent-space generation failed" with some model.


and sometimes it work just fine , but give me wrong tangent data (all tangent data was simple zero--0.00000000000) :(


any idea?


dear Gordon, can you help me? i have lots of models need tangent data ...


should I mail you a model file for test ? thanks.


I run latest pvrgeopod plugin with 3d max 9 on windows vista.


and finally, please forgive me for my poor english :)
oskiller2010-03-09 07:33:53

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner - if you can email a model to devtech@imgtec.com then we’ll have a look at it.