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Tangents & Binormals not generated by PVRGeoPOD



Hi There,

I’m using the PVRGeoPOD Blender export.

I create a basic UV Sphere with all the standard defaults (i’ve also tried this with the torus mesh with same result). I then export with PVRGeoPOD.

I leave all the options as default (generate tangent space is ticked)

The Vertex Vector Format has Position, Normal, Tangent, Binormal (a0,a1,a2 ticked) and all the UVW0 to 7 are selected (a0, a1 ticked)

I’m not sure about the UVWx values (I assume they are texture coordinates) - I left them at their default values for the export

I haven’t added any textures in Blender as I was going to do all that in PVRShaman with materials.

After the export I open the result in PVRShaman - I see the geometry but when I open the Data Viewer screen there is no Tangent or Binormal data in the POD.

(i’ve tested this with Blender 2.61, 2.62 and the latest 2.63b versions)

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance for your help Smile



The tangent space generation requires UV coordinates for calculating the tangents and binormals. By default, Blender doesn't create meshes with UV coordinates so I assume this is why it isn't working for you. If you add UVs to your mesh the generation should be successful. 


Hi Scott, thanks for the help