texture command line

Dear Team

since the lastest release of the sdk 3.0 , all command line to create PVR  texture are gone, the make file assume that the pvr file are already to the right place.

I think for learning purpose it will be a good idea to have them back no ? there are  a lot of interesting case that you are handling in your tutorial and demos.


Hi David,

We took this out to remove the dependency on PVRTexTool when building the SDK, which allows users to build on platforms that it doesn’t support, directly. It also speeds up building a demo.

As the PVR generation step was hidden away in content.mak or the platform specific project, we felt it didn’t really work as a learning aid. Instead, we’re looking into better documentation for our utilities, including PVRTexTool, so that it’s easier to understand and get working in future, ideally including some sort of tutorial/walkthrough.

Do you think that this will solve the issue better? If you have any feedback please let us know :slight_smile:


I really think that like it was done before was the best, sometimes a good build is better than thousand words.

The value add of your content make is huge for me .The documentation is nice but sometimes incomplete or lead to questions , i could give you some sample for the actual doc in the sdk with mistake.

following your requirement help us to provide better application using your hardware (the best !!! :) )

Please may you put the command line texturing process back ???!!!

Kind regards

dgu2012-11-20 15:48:11

Hi David,

Yes we’re unfortunately aware of the problems we have with our documentation, and are working hard to try to improve the situation. Hopefully over the next few releases we should start to see this get better.

I’ll discuss this internally - I don’t think we want to completely reverse our decision, but we might be able to come up with a better solution. I’ll keep you posted.


The sdk 3.0 and the previous one is already  great , i use it day and nite  !!! i am waiting for the next one now :slight_smile: