PVRTexTool and command line dithering

Oh man, I just spent a few weeks going through our tool chain in order to switch from the ios texturetool to PVRTexTool because I saw the dithering support in the GUI version. I just found out that the command line doesn’t have support for dithering. It seems really strange that this would be the case.

I understand dithering doesn’t work on every project. but it sure does make a lot of 16 bit textures look much better when there are gradients in the image data.

Is there a plan to expose this in the command line soon? I am honestly considering trying to find some way to make python open images and automate the gui version of the tool because now that I’ve seen how the dithering looks, I need it.

I guess the other option would be to do the dithering myself before passing the image to PVRTexTool, know of any source code I could port?

Hi davecazz,

Dithering should have been supported - looking at the source code it should be in there. It's likely that it's simply undocumented - we had a change in our internal documentation handling around the last release and I may have missed a few things in the changeover. It should be in the docs for next release, I'll make sure to double check. If you add '-dither' to the command line version it should dither your image.



Tobias2012-02-06 07:42:44

awesome thank you, you are a life saver.