Texture Dimensions

Dear all,


is it still required to insert rectangular textures into OpenGL ES 2.0?


As I read on internet the opinions vary: some say, it is required to load squared-size textures having lenghts of their [x, y] dimensions of square of 2 units. Another say, it is important to keep the squared sizes only if texture packing is planned. Another say, that arbitrary [x, y]dimensions textures can be now loaded.


I did some tests on PowerVR Windows SDK, but when the dimensions are different, the texture appears messed up.


I would appreciate the freedom of loading textures with arbitrary dimensions. Is possible, please?


Best regards.

Textures do not have to be of power of two dimensions for OpenGL ES 2.0, but, in order to use MIP-maps, for instance, they are recommended. What platform are you targetting? PVRTC textures do require POT dimensions. What texture format are you using?

PVRVFrame should support NPOT textures and in my own test just now they were working correctly. Are you using the latest version of the SDK? If you are and you’re still having trouble then do you have a simple project that demonstrates this problem that you can send us to investigate?

Dear Gordon,


Let me appologize for the question: when I loaded textures into OpenGL ES2.0, I flipped over parameter values texture width and texure height. Therefore, texturing worked only when the values were identical.

About an hour after I posted this Topic I discovered it. At least I know, when POT textures are still needed.


Despite I develop on Windows station right now, my target platform is iPhone.


Thank you.