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TextureStreaming absent from linux distribution


Dear Team

the linux version installation doesnt provide,

TextureStreaming sample doesnt contain souce code nor ressources.

Kind regards



Hi David,

The Texture Streaming demo is Android only , as it relies on OS specific mechanisms for accessing the buffer data. Linux doesn’t have a standardized mechanism for optimally pulling video data into GL, so we have no plans to release an Linux version of the demo at this time.




sorry i installed both samples on my ubuntu ,and the specific sample contain empty directory, i believe it s not a normal behavior ?


Hi David,

Which packages did you select during installation (OS’s + graphics APIs)? Do you mean that you tried to use the Linux installer to retrieve the Android SDK, but the Texture Streaming directory is empty?




Yep, i usually do install ios and android samples and build them, i do since the last two years without problemo,

i think it s a build packaging management problem.

kind regards



Hi David,

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve filed the bug as BRN47919 in our internal tracker.