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The color of BGRA is wrong on SDK 3.1 PVRFrame OGLES1.1 Windows


I modified the AlphaBlend example, removed foreground.cpp, and encoded the foreground.pvr to the BGRA8888 format. The color of foreground texture in the example running would changed to blue.

I step into the code(PVRTTexutreAPI.cpp line 542), the eTextureInternalFormat and eTextureFormat are both GL_BGRA(0x80E1).

I tried the same example on the OGLES_WINDOWS_X86EMULATION_2.10, the color would be red without changing.

Is this a bug on SDK 3.0/3.1 PVRFrame Windows?


Hi Microkong, thanks for reporting this. This is indeed a bug which was introduced in 3.1 and should be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for your patience!