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PowerVR Graphics SDK v3.3 is live!



Our latest major release (v3.3) is now available from our download page!

New features include:

  • OpenGL ES 3.1 PVRVFrame emulation: Support for the recently ratified OpenGL ES 3.1 graphics API

  • PVRHub for Android: Brand new GUI, Android 4.4 (KitKat) support and improved capture of Android Native Buffers

  • PVRTraceGUI: Enhanced search and navigation, simplified remote recording and complete support for OpenGL ES 3.0

  • PVRTuneGUI: Enhanced search and selection, new counters (inc. memory load , per-CPU core loads and additional per-PID stats), improved OpenGL ES data capture performance and a new widget (Monitor) for a simplified bottleneck overview

  • PVRTexTool: New PVRTC codec for improved image quality and thread handling, fixes for BC1 compression artefacts and ETC2 codec memory leaks

  • Documentation: Comprehensive documentation review and update (fixing known issues from the previous release and improving clarity)

The release also includes an assortment of bug fixes and performance optimizations. The full release notes can be found here.


Hello Joe,

I downloaded the new v3.3 SDK today, In the what’s new document, it says:

Added OGLES3 iOS project files for all examples capable of running on iOS.

I installed via the Mac Installer and checked the OpenGLES 3.0 API but, no OGLES examples were installed?

I am hoping its an oversight and you guys will add them to the installer?




Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ll see if we can reproduce it and will get back to you ASAP.



An another great release compare the complexity of tools , multiple plateform , and so much beautifull sample that answer to se many question for me like shadow mapping , and playing with the GBUFFER.

The pfx semantic is a beauty that enable code generation from material coming from 3ds max but as well from the shader Fx tools with the right conversion…i cant express all of it , it s exciting , fairly well done , BRAVO ,thanks to All the Team , that make my day so short and nite very long…coding :slight_smile:


I just installed the 3.3 SDK on WindowsXP Pro (with SP3) and there seems to be a problem. The examples build OK but do not run. I am using MSVC 2010 to build. When I try to launch the example in MSVC with VFrame, Windows reports "The procedure entry point SleepConditionVariableCS could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. My research indicates that this is probably because I am running Windows XP. Is WindowsXP still supported?


Hi Clay,

There are known issues in our documentation and website descriptions that we need to correct. We may reconsider Windows XP support in a future release, but at this time we’re only developing our software for WIndows 7 & 8.x. I’ll discuss the issue with the PVRVFrame lead anyway to see if there’s an easy fix for the problem.