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Use PowerVR SDK without graphic interface



I’d like to use the powerVR of my beagleboard to build pictures, but I do not have any graphc interface on my linux.

How can I, in this case use openGL ?

Is it possible tu use the hardware acceleration without any graphic interface?




Yes - it is possible to use graphics acceleration without a GUI. For example, the Linux Angstrom distribution commonly used on BeagleBoards that lacks a windowing system or GUI can do this.

You should seek assistance from the BeagleBoard support pages and forum to get the graphics drivers onto your board (if they are not already available) and get them running. This is a fairly straight forward process and the community support is usually pretty good for these things :slight_smile:

If you download our TI OMAP3430/4430 SDK for any of the graphics API’s supported on the device (such as OpenGL ES 2.0), you can run the demo and training course binaries provided in the SDK to check that your graphics drivers are working correctly. All of the source code for these applications, and the PVRShell abstraction layer they use, is included in the SDK. You can read through the PVRShell source code to see how we start graphics applications on a Linux OS without a windowing system.