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Vertex Buffer Objects Performance


In a Graphic Application running on PowerVR accelerated Nokiaphones (N95, N85 8gb, N93) i hold quite huge Arrays ( Vertex, Indices and Texturecoordinates ) in Graphic Memory using Vertex Buffer Objects.

The strange thing is, that i can’t see the engine rendering only one triangle more then if i just render the normal arrays (not less either). In fact i’m rendering the VBOs and not the arrays, because i free arrays memory before rendering starts.

What is the problem with VBO acceleration on Nokia phones?
Any hints or solutions?

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This isn’t really a problem, it’s just that VBOs simply do not offer a significant performance advantage on these phones because of their memory architecture.

In case you are asking because you are getting lower than expected performance, maybe we can help you find the bottleneck?


Thank you Xmas.

The problem at the moment is not the expected performance but the size of the project. There is a lot of 3D data allready and there will be much more in the future. So of course we try to increase performance on all parts of the rendering engine. At the moment, I work on recalculating the meshes ( Some are just triangles, no stripes at the moment )

Well possible, that there will be some post about the performance things of this application here in the near future!

Until then, thanks a lot and best regards!