What's the difference between "Mesh" and "MeshNode" and "Node"?


Please tell me the difference between “Mesh” and “MeshNode” and “Node”?

For example, the output of the following code is




What does this mean?

 CPVRTModelPOD m_Scene;<br />
<br />
....<br />
<br />
fprintf(stderr, "numMesh = %d n", (int)m_Scene.nNumMesh);<br />
fprintf(stderr, "numMeshNode = %d n", (int)m_Scene.nNumMeshNode);<br />
fprintf(stderr, "numNode = %d n", (int)m_Scene.nNumNode);


A scene is composed by a set of node and each node is composed by a set of mesh

Mesh can be seen a a geometry container , the meshes data of the objects.

to iterate inside a pod you will do someting like this probably

for (unsigned int i = 0; i < model.nNumMeshNode; ++i) {

SPODNode& node = model.pNode;

SPODMesh* pMesh = &model->pMesh[Node->nIdx];

…etc etc

But let s not forget the excellent documentation describing the pod architecture.

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what i like as well it s the fact you can store custom data (char *) inside a node or a scene, that enable the storage of metadata…or any kind of binding… anyway quite usefull.

the downside is that the export tools in the of channel for material is not clear at all…i hope it will be improved,