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Where can I find "network panel" in PVRTraceGUI?



I have installed SDK 3.2.

And I tried to trace with PVRTraceGUI by network connection.

According to your document, I need to open network panel.

But I cannot find ‘network panel’ anywhere.

Where can I find ‘network panel’ in the PVRTraceGUI 3.2?



This seems to be a bug in the documentation. I’ve filed a bug report for this now. You can access this control from the “Tools–>Remote Controller…” menu. If you’re targeting Android, you will also have to ensure your application has the INTERNET permission. The Troubleshooting section of the manual describes this process.




Thanks, Joe.

I attended in your PowerVR SDK presentation session in Seoul(Seocho), LGE.

You may remember me because I sent you email in that time. : )

Anyway, good to see you here again!

Here is another related question.

Does PVRTraceGUI work in real-time with connected device?

If it does, in Android, logcat printed out that “Waiting for Client…”.

At this time, how can I connect the Client (PVRTraceGUI is right?) to the device?

In Remote Controller, what Server means?

What can I input in Server editbox? localhost(

In your document, I couldn’t find the information about this.

I also tried adb port forwarding like this

adb forward tcp:6520 tcp:6520

and then input into the Sever.




Ah - good to hear from you again :)!

It doesn’t work in real-time in the sense that the data in the GUI won’t be updated while network recording is occurring. Instead, PVRTrace will record data and, once recording is complete, it will load the PVRT file for GUI analysis.

The Server in the remote control means the name/IP of the target. If you’re port forwarding over USB, you should use “localhost” or

Seems there’s a bug in the PVRTrace Manual. 6520 is the port used by PVRTune. PVRTrace uses port number 54321. I’ve filed an internal bug report as BRN45794.

So, the step’s to get this working should be:

  1. Connect the Android device via USB
  2. Run “adb forward tcp:54321 tcp:54321” from the command-line
  3. Open PVRTrace’s Remote Controller dialog, enter “localhost” as the Server address and then connect

    You will also have to ensure that PVRHub can been configured for network recording. Let us know if you hit any other issues. Apologies for the documentation errors - thanks for reporting them!