wm 6.5 opengl es 1.x sdk - ti omap3430 - question

Hi All,
I am trying to launch some build binaries of the tech demos provided in the windows mobile 6.5 sdk for opengles version 1.x
The target device on which I am trying to launch the binaries is a htc touch diamond2 equipped with a marvell pxa310 processor (clone version).
From what I have read the marvell processor should have built in a powervr mbx lite…the architecure is very similar to a ti omap 3430.
Upon launching demos I receive an error stating a generic component is missing.
I initially thought the opengl es drivers where lacking so I put the three dlls from the sdk build directory in the target device directory just where the tech demos binaries reside…this however did not solve the issue.
For sure the device I am using (htc diamond2 clone) lacks of the libGLES_CM.dll…do the sdk build one should be good at?
The graphics driver is present, I mean the gx.dll but the gles is not.