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How to get demos run on Windows Mobile PPC handset


    I just downloaded the POWERVR SDK for OPENGL 1.0(i.e. OGLES-1.0_WINMOB5_POCKETPC_ARMV4I_CL_2.02.22.0756.msi) , compiled some demos with WINDOWS MOBILE 5 POCKET PC compiler , linked with libGLES_CL.lib(which is in BuildsOGLESPocketPCARMV4Lib) and got the executables. It couldn’t run on the handset because I think libGLES_CL.lib is just an import library and I need the corresponding dll file.
    My hanset is equipped with <span =“gn_sp2”>Intel XScale PXA270 624MHz which is with POWERVR MBX. Does anyone know how could I get the right dll? Could Imagination Tecnonologyes provide that?

   Thank you very much in advance for any hint or suggestion:)


Sorry, but the PXA270 itself does not include a graphics core. POWERVR MBX Lite is in the Intel/Marvell 2700g, which can be used alongside the PXA270. If your device has a 2700g it should come with the necessary DLL.


    Thank you, Xmas, Smile. I had assumed that the handset equipped with PXA270 would surely have 2700g because I found some articles said that 2700g comes along with PXA27X series processors. Maybe I was wrong. I just wanna test my OPENGL ES application on a hanset with 3D hardware acceleration functionality to get some experimental data.
   Do you or does anyone know which handset is suitable (POWERVR MBX inside and windows mobile 5 or 6 inside)? I only have one O2 atom(<span =“gn_sp2”>Intel XScale PXA270 624MHz) currently, however maybe I could find the handset model you mention if you have such experiences.


Dell Axim X50v & X51v would fit that profile.