wsegl and pvr2d API documentation

Is there any documentation for the wsegl and pvr2d api? I am interested in trying to use accelerated blitting.

I have been trying to poke around the pvr2d api. I am trying to blit an image to the screen using PVR2DBlt. Does anyone know if I can just use the PVR2D calls or do I need to do some other initialization? The following calls are what I am trying to use:

PVR2DEnumerateDevices( 0 ) // To get the list of devices even though I know I only have 1

PVR2DDEVICEINFO devs = (PVR2DDEVICESINFO)malloc( sizeof(PVR2DDEVICEINFO) * num_devices )

PVR2DEnumerateDevices( devs )

PVR2DCreateDeviceContext( dev[0], &context, 0 )

PVR2DMEMINFO *frame_buffer

PVR2DGetFrameBuffer( context, PVR2D_FB_PRIMARY_SURFACE, &frame_buffer )

// I then use PVR2DMemWrap to wrap my image data

// I build the PVR2DBLTINFO setting all the fileds

PVR2DBlt( context, &blit )

After I go though all of these steps nothing happens. Accouding to the return codes all of the calls are successful.

Take a look at test10 of sgxperf, for a working example of how to use PVR2D.


Can be browsed from,*checkout*%2Ftrunk%2FPackages%2FOMAP3_Graphics_SDK%2Fxgxperf%2Fsgxperf%2Fsgxperf_gles20_vg.cpp&revision=66

prabindh: Thanks for the link, this is what I have been trying to find.