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texture2DLod support for OpenGL ES 2.0




I have written a shader (for OpenGL ES 2.0) which uses texture2dLod API, but during compilation a error is popped up stating that “texture2DLod support is deprecated.” AFIK texture2dLod support should be available for shaders running on OpenGL ES 2.0 app. For somereason the dll do not have this functionality.

Can i get libraries with “texture2DLod” support or any other alternates ?

Platform : Windows
Version : 2.6


Sorry, the message says “texture2DLod support is removed”


[blockquote]Platform : Windows
Version : 2.6[/blockquote]
Are you referring to PVRVFrame, our OpenGL ES emulator?


Not the emulator, i am using the Builds from the SDK folder for my application . Basically i m using the simulator on Windows (sry forgot to mention this)


[blockquote]Not the emulator, i am using the Builds from the SDK folder for my application . [/blockquote]
The libraries in the Build folder are the PVRVFrame libraries. We copy them there as part of our build.

We only recommend using the libraries in the Build directory to build against. Most of the libraries in this directory are shims and cannot be used to execute applications.

Can you share the PVRVFrame version number with us? This can be found through the Help–>Feedback dialog of the PVRVFrame GUI tool.

Can you also share a shader that exhibits the issue?



PFB the shader

#version 100
#extension GL_EXT_shader_texture_lod : require

attribute vec2 myUV;
uniform sampler2D sampler;

void main (void)
float lod = 0.0;
gl_FragColor = texture2DLodEXT (sampler, myUV, lod);

I ll share the version number later


I’ve discussed this issue with the PVRVFrame lead. It is a known bug that was fixed for our current SDK release (3.5). You can download the latest version of the PVRVFrame emulator through our SDK installer: https://www.imgcommunity.local/developers/powervr/installers/