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2 Opaque plane HSR Efficiency is 33%?

Emmmm,I did a test recently, I was using the Unity3d engine, I made a button on the interface to generate a full-screen Opaque Plane, and every time I click, I generate one more Plane, when I connect to the PVRTune debugging on my phone, A Plane HSR Efficiency is 0%, but when I generate two Planes, the value is 33%, I wonder, because according to my understanding should not be 50%? How can I understand that?

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HSR efficiency is calculated like this:
1 - ShadedPixels / ProcessedPixels
Eg. if all pixels are shaded efficiency is 0%
if all pixels are culled efficiency is 100%

In your case it sounds like it should be 50%. Can you please share an APK with us?


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Thank you very much for your reply. I am very sorry to reply to you so late. In fact, I did some tests later. I made sure that when I create a full-screen coverage of Alphatest Plane, the HSR is always 0, so at this moment the HSR is completely Is it invalid?
In addition, if I created Opaque Plane, the HSR will start to work when I create the third or fourth Plane. In my understanding, the HSR should work when creating the second Plane. I don’t know why this is, I uploaded my apk (but since I am a new user can’t upload attachments, I shared my Google Driver link), thank you again!

thanks for the APK, I’ll have a look :slight_smile:


I ran your demo, I got the following results:

0 planes: around 95% HSR (some bits of the screen have stuff on them, rest is empty, makes sense)

1 opaque plane: 50%
2 planes: 58%
3 planes: 65%
4 planes: 70%
Drawing all the UI kinda skews the results, but you can see that with more planes HSR can cull more pixels.

1 alpha tested plane: 65%
2 planes: 60%
3 planes: 57%
4 planes: 55%
Again, results are skewed but we can see that alpha tested primitives are not a clear win, in fact the more the worse it gets.


Thank you very much, I think I might need to try another device.:grinning:

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