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64 bit version of PVRTexLib


I was wondering if there is a 64 bit version of the PVRTexLib SDK?




At this time, we don’t produce a 64-bit version of this library.


Is this planned in the future?

 A lot of production pipelines are switching to 64 bit 3D and 2D applications for performance reasons. This includes Max 2010x64 and Photoshop CS4x64.


64-bit support is planned and we have been developing with it in mind for a long time now, but I can’t say when we will actually be able to release this.


Cool thanks for getting back! Glad to hear you guys are planning to utilize it.


A year has passed and now I find myself also in the need of a 64 bit version because I want to add PVR to the new pipeline.

How far is the development?

I got now to big things on my wish list:

- thread safe

- 64 bit

By the amount of chips you guys are selling I sure would wish some more resourced be put into the development to address requests like this.


I’m also really interested in a 64-bit version of the library and hopefully get a at least 2x speedup of the library. I’m working with 3D mapping and we are converting a lot of textures, a city can have up to 500.000 textures. The conversion process is eating cpu cycles and is really a limiting factor for us.

We are willing to help optimizing the code for 64 bit if you lack the resources.

How do your release roadmap look like?


Hi MikaelA,


We've actually now released a 64-bit version of PVRTexLib for the 2.8 release, and it's available to download from our Utilities page. Also it might be worth looking at our fast compressor if you've got that many compressions, whilst the quality isn't always as high as the regular compressor, it often performs quite well, and crucially, unlike the high quality compressor, is now thread safe in the 2.8 library. At least during development it might be a better option, as well as in general for simpler case textures.






Thanks for adding 64-bit support!
However I have a request, could you change your DLL/LIB naming system from:
(Nvidia PhysX SDK also uses this system: PhysXCore.dll, PhysXCore64.dll, etc)
It is because in my Game Engine SDK, I distribute my tools (EXE) in both 32-bit and 64-bit files in one folder:
SDK/Tools/Editor.exe (32-bit)
SDK/Tools/Editor 64.exe (64-bit)
SDK/Tools/PVRTexLib.dll (32-bit)
With this setting only 32-bit Editor.exe can use PVRTexLib.dll, 64-bit editor.exe can't access pvrtexlib.dll because that's only 32-bit version there.
What I want is:
SDK/Tools/Editor.exe (32-bit)
SDK/Tools/Editor 64.exe (64-bit)
SDK/Tools/PVRTexLib32.dll (32-bit)
SDK/Tools/PVRTexLib64.dll (64-bit)
This way, both versions of the tools will support Pvrtexlib
It's very important to me, thank you!
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Esenthel2011-08-31 21:44:11