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Is there any way to get previous releases of pvrtexlib ?



Can I ask why you need a legacy version of the tool? If you’ve hit a bug, we want to make sure the latest version is updated with a fix.




I just need to upgrade to an api compliant version as the latest version available is bringing others problems when linking.

So if there is an update of my pvrtexlib available it will save me a lot of time (for others things) as i only need to compress my data as PVRTC1 2B or 4B but it seems that there was a bug when trying above 1024x1024 with the version i’m using.


Hi Sylvaini,

Which version are you currently using? The latest release version is PVRTexLib 4.3.

If you don’t have this version it might be worth upgrading.





I’m using 3.1 and i was searching for an updated 3.x that fixed the 2048x2048 comp bug.

I’ve already attempted an upgrade to latest but there were link errors with PVRString(s) (my tool project is using VC2003).

Moreover while the API has changed a lot since this release it was quite a pain to update mainly due to your documentation which is completely out of date and filled with errors into samples…

please check it out guyz as it is completely useless!!! :wink:

I understand your point of view for getting up to date, but as it is not a straight story nor even trivial to do i’m just searching not to loose too much time on this to stay focus on other things ^^

I will get back to you concerning the linking prob into another thread later.




Hi Sylvain,

Ah yes, fair point. I can’t remember if there was a version which we fixed this bug separately from the new library upgrade, but if you can’t resolve the linking errors I’ll have a look.

Yes we’re aware of the documentation issue, at some point we plan on creating a proper tutorial guide to using it, in the meantime I can only suggest that if you have any issues, feel free to pick my brains :)!




Hi Sylvainl

Tobias just pointed me at this thread. We’re aware that TexLib’s documentation is pretty poor, and we’re in the process of updating all of our documentation. Sadly, TexLib has missed the cut off for the 3.1 release of our SDK (due out at the end of the month) buuuuut…it will make it into 3.1release2 if we do one, or 3.2 if we don’t.

We know its not up to scratch, we apologise, and we’re trying to fix it.