Any kind of profiling on real hardware ?


I can finally run my own code on different omap3 devices with open gl es 2.0 graphics !

However, I’m having poor performance without drawing a lot of geometry …

Any advice how to profile/improve gl calls ?



Examining the performance recommendations we provide with the SDK would be a good place to start in regard to optimisation. The document should be at SDKPackage/Documentation/POWERVR SGX.OpenGL ES 2.0 Application Development Recommendations.1.8f.External in one of our SDKs.

For actual profiling we provide PVRTune as part of our utilities.

At the moment, it’s available through email request, if you are willing to sign an NDA with us. Please send such a request to Note that this requires support in your device’s drivers in order to operate so if you could include details of the OMAP3 devices you’re targetting then this will be helpful for us to support you.Gordon2010-02-11 10:04:57

Hi Gordon,

I made a code review with the recommendations in mind, and it helped a little.

We also ask to sign a nda by mail 2 weeks ago to get pvrtune , but we didn’t get an answer yet … I think my technical director send another mail last week, but still no feedback. What should we do ?



Sorry for the delay processing your request. I think we have already sorted out most of the request done in the last few weeks. If this is not your case, please let us know.

Best regards.


Don’t worry, it’s ok for us :slight_smile:

I’m currently reading documentation.