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Bravo For your new sdk


Bravo For your new sdk, well done !


All tools are running well on my old linux32!!! wow !


totally cool sdk. thanks for removing static libraries. now i cannot remove unneccessary DLLs from my tool anymore. even the fact that VS2015 would be standard for another two years did not stop you.

sorry but this is seriously bad. every other professional SDK ships with static libs.

just my opinion, whether you care or not.


the dependency are so well done that i customize the build as i want to fit my need, work well without fighting


I agree that removal of static libraries was a bad decision.

You’re basically requiring the presence of DLL files, which is a bad design IMO.

Sometimes I want to distribute just a single EXE file as a tool, without any extra files needed.

Please bring at least VS 2015 static libraries.