Can I write Software for my Android G1 using SDK

Someone who has a step by step instructions ?

The G1 does not contain our graphics hardware IP.

You can still learn how to write Android 3D graphics applications using our SDK, but it has been tailored towards optimising graphics on platforms incorporating our graphics hardware

Thnks for reply

Is it possible to write software (not hardware acceleration) using powervr sdk on any generic device. moreover can u suugest any android model well suited for development


The SDK does include our PVRShell abstraction layer so you can write code without having to worry about OS specific implementation details, but its primary focus is for enabling hardware accelerated graphics development. If you wanted to create an application that does not use any of the graphics APIs we support, you would have to strip out all of the graphics functionality from the Shell code and then add the functionality you require.

What are you trying to achieve with the application you are developing?

If you are purely targeting Android platforms, you may find the Android SDK is better suited to your needs.

As far as devices go, the emulator in the Android SDK should give you a good starting point. If you were to do hardware accelerated graphics, I’d recommend the Galaxy S, Droid or similar current generation devices as they are very capable 3D graphics platforms and have a large market share.Joe2010-12-01 10:00:58